The Artist

My name is Ahni Sallaway.  I live in Annapolis, Maryland and part time in Wiscasset, Maine.  



Art has always been a way for me to express myself and 

look for the good and beauty in life.


I have a great interest in people's faces and expressions.  

We see thousands and thousands of people's faces over our lifetime.  

Each one is a little different.  Yet we are all so much the same.

I look for the love and spirit in all people.

Each face I draw or paint is like a mirror of all of us.


I am most excited when

the art I am creating seems to draw me into itself.

That is when the magic starts.

I feel like I am connecting with something much larger than myself.

I feel like I am one with all.



Afer graduating from NYU, I stayed in the city and worked as as an art teacher in schools and museums for three years.  

I then moved to France for two years to teach art at The American School of Paris.

While living there I met a man from Annapolis, Maryland on a blind date.

After a long distance relationship we married and I moved to Annapolis, Maryland.

I started making artistic women's clothing.

For 25 years I sold my designs to stores nationally and ran a retail store in my factory. 

In the last five years of my business, I started showing some of my art work and renamed my store a gallery.

I decided to close the clothing part of my business in 2012 to start painting more. 

I'm still married to the same man and we have two wonderful children.




photo by Doug Coulson


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