"I Am You"

 Portraits to inspire peace and connection

I asked women from 22 different countries if they would like to be part of a series of paintings of women to inspire peace and connection. 

None turned me down.


These bigger-than-life women’s faces hang closely beside each other and because I painted only one eye, a nose and a mouth from each woman we look for the second eye in the portrait beside her.  The women’s faces seem to morph into—and complete—each other.  


If we look closely at each face and then into each other, we realize that we are more alike than different. 

You can feel the human condition in another’s face and recognize yourself.

I believe the more we see ourselves in each other, the more kind and peaceful our world will become.

We are all part of a wonderful global mix.

We are all one.

 Women's Portraits


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Ahni takes you into her studio for a behind the scenes look at "I Am You."

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